Sunday, October 30, 2011

We dressed up for a Halloween party this year!! We went as original super heroes- and I started making our capes a little more than an hour before the party started. How I love hot glue projects. :) I think Matt's blue hair was purple hair looks...a little freaky. Anyway, it really was fun to dress up, and I liked doing a matching costume with Matt. :) (P.S. The blurry spot is computer made- so they look a little cooler in real life.)

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  1. Jessica! I'm just getting the hang of this blogging thing too! But I think it'll be fun! You and Matt look so happy together! I read your adoption profile.... it is so beautiful. You two are such amazing people inside and out. I wish the best for you! Justin and I hope to be starting a family soon as well now that we are finally done with school! I'll keep ya posted (: Saweet costumes!

    Sarah & Justin Messenger (Sarah Jamison*)