Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dental School

Matt was accepted to our top choice of dental schools!! Whoo-hoo! I'm proud of him, and we are looking forward to this new phase. Life is good...what more can I say?

Okay...but I do have a little more to say! I feel like we are constantly receiving blessings from Heavenly Father lately! I know it's true that when we do the best we can, Heavenly Father will guide our lives and bless us with the things we need. I can truly say that my cup runneth over. Of course, that doesn't mean that our lives will go just as we plan, or that hard things won't happen to us. They will. But, it's all a part of His plan to give us the opportunity to become like Him. So, though it's often hard to see, our trials are just one more way Heavenly Father blesses us. I just can't stop being grateful!

Valentine's Day

So, I never posted about Valentine's Day. I got to exchange valentines with my students at Matt and I each made a special something for each other. I made my students heart-shaped crayons using some silicon molds I have, and Matt helped me print out some tags from online to go with them. I had to be sure to tell the children that my valentines were CRAYONS and not candy- some of them looked pretty edible!

Anyway, when I came home from work I found this AMAZINGLY perfect giant heart shaped cookie and note from Matt:

His years as a concrete finisher with his dad made him REALLY good at making things that require attention to detail. Can you tell?? I thought that maybe he had used a heart shaped pan, but he made his own mold using tin foil! Seriously impressive.

I guess I'm corny, because I decided to paint a rock for Matt (and I wrote him a love note, of course!). Please don't laugh too hard...

We also got to go out to eat with my parents (Mexican...YUM!). It was a good day...and I'm so lucky that Matt is always my Valentine!!