Sunday, March 25, 2012

Valentine's Day

So, I never posted about Valentine's Day. I got to exchange valentines with my students at Matt and I each made a special something for each other. I made my students heart-shaped crayons using some silicon molds I have, and Matt helped me print out some tags from online to go with them. I had to be sure to tell the children that my valentines were CRAYONS and not candy- some of them looked pretty edible!

Anyway, when I came home from work I found this AMAZINGLY perfect giant heart shaped cookie and note from Matt:

His years as a concrete finisher with his dad made him REALLY good at making things that require attention to detail. Can you tell?? I thought that maybe he had used a heart shaped pan, but he made his own mold using tin foil! Seriously impressive.

I guess I'm corny, because I decided to paint a rock for Matt (and I wrote him a love note, of course!). Please don't laugh too hard...

We also got to go out to eat with my parents (Mexican...YUM!). It was a good day...and I'm so lucky that Matt is always my Valentine!!

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  1. Mmmmmmmm, giant cookie. Yummy. So where is dental school going to take you? I think Dave Gerritsen told me Utah? Is that right? Anyway, we miss you at Monticello Montessori. You are so adorably awesome!